SAOCO 喜客咖啡机

<% dim rs,sql dim strSort dim page dim maxPerPage dim num_row dim rows imagewidth=65 imageheight=60 num_row=3 rows=7 maxperpage=num_row*rows myKeyword=Request("myKeyword") catalogID=cint(Request("catalogID")) 'class_child_id=cint(Request("class_child_id")) class_child_id=410 keyfield=request("keyfield") is_recomm=request("is_recomm") if is_recomm="yes" then is_recomm="" if is_recomm="yes" then recomm=1 if is_recomm="no" then recomm=0 page=Request("page") if (page="" or isempty(page)) then page=1 thisUrl="xike_kafeiji.asp?id="&id2&"&monthstr="&monthstr&"&datestr="&datestr&"&search="&search session("oldUrl")=thisUrl&"&page="&page session("dao")="SAOCO 喜客咖啡机" session("newurl")="/xike_kafeiji.asp" set rs1=server.createobject("adodb.recordset") sql="select * from commodity where class_child_id=410" if not (myKeyword="" or isempty(myKeyword) ) then if keyfield="name" or keyfield="" then sql=sql&" and name like '%"&myKeyword&"%'" if keyfield="model" then sql=sql&" and model like '%"&myKeyword&"%'" if keyfield="price" then sql=sql&" and price like '%"&myKeyword&"%'" end if if catalogID>0 then sql=sql&" and catalogID="&catalogID end if if class_child_id>0 then sql=sql&" and class_child_id="&class_child_id end if if not(is_recomm="" ) then sql=sql&" and recommend="&recomm end if 'response.write sql 'response.end sql=sql&" order by class_child_id asc" if cint(Request("class_child_id"))=1 then sql="select * from commodity order by class_child_id asc" 'response.Write(cint(request("class_child_id"))&"
") 'response.write sql 'response.End end if sql,conn,1,1 rs1.pagesize=MaxPerPage %> <% j=1 if not (rs1.eof or err) then rs1.move (page-1)*maxPerPage do while not (rs1.eof or err) if (j mod num_row)=1 then %> <% response.write "" end if %> <% if (j mod num_row)=0 then response.write "" else %> <% end if j=j+1 if j>maxperpage then exit do rs1.moveNext loop dim k k=(j-1) mod num_row ' response.write j ' response.write "k="&k if not (k=0) then response.write "" response.write "" end if %>

共<%=rs1.recordCount%>项 第<%=page%>/<%=rs1.pageCount%>页  <%if page>1 then%> <%else%> <%end if if rs1.recordCount>page*maxPerPage then%> <%else%> <%end if%>

<% rs1.close set rs1=nothing %>